Cross Connection Control Program

The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) requires that all water systems in the State have in place a Cross Connection Control Program.  A cross connection is any real or potential connection between the water supply and a source that can contaminate or pollute the water.  When the system experiences a loss in water pressure, such as when a fire hydrant is opened or a water man break, a backflow can occur that causes water in the pipes to flow in the opposite direction and contaminant or pollute the drinking water.

The IEPA regulations state that backflow preventers be installed on certain water-supplied systems. Two such systems include: lawn sprinkler and fire suppression systems. The backflow preventers are required to be tested and certified annually by a licensed Cross Connection Control Device Inspector (CCCDI).  For questions please contact Public Works Assistant Keli Amato at 847-540-1755

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