Hydrant Flushing Program

Hydrant flushing starts April 19

Each year in late spring/early summer, the Village tests its fire hydrants to ensure a reliable water supply and pressure in the event of a fire emergency. Please use this link to review this year's flushing schedule. The testing process involves flowing water from each hydrant in the Village which purposefully disturbs the sediment in the water mains and can cause an unpleasant appearance.

Will Hydrant "Flushing" Affect Your Water?

If you happen to be using water when the fire hydrant “flushing” process is occurring in your neighborhood, the sediment that we are scouring out of the water distribution system could be drawn into your home’s plumbing system. Although the water may be discolored, smell different, and/or have a slightly different taste, it is safe to use. However if it gets into your ice maker or laundry, there are some simple remedies. For ice, after the water returns to normal, discard the discolored ice and the new ice will be fine. For most laundry loads, you may not even notice a change; however, white or light colored laundry may be affected. If you do observe a rust color in white or light-colored laundry, please call us at 847-438-5141 to obtain rust removing detergent that will remove the rust in most cases.

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