Water Quality

Lake Zurich receives its water from deep underground aquifers. Well water is treated with chlorine to ensure the safety of the water supply system. Before the water enters the distribution system, ion-exchange systems installed between 2003- 2009 remove naturally occurring radium to below EPA standards. This process also reduces water hardness levels. The systems reduced the hardness content of Village water to 6– 8 grains per gallon from a previous level of 14–18 grains per gallon.

Some residents, especially newer residents, often ask the Village if they need to purchase a water softener. The use of a residential water softener is a matter of personal preference and choice, but the Village’s water is considered to be very soft. The minerals in the water can still deposit residual scale on surfaces (such as spots on glasses). Rinse agents and specially formulated cleaner have been developed to address this level of hardness.

Residents who choose a residential softener should set the regeneration rate based on water that has a hardness level of 6 – 8 grains per gallon. If you already have a residential softener and you desire to experience the water at current hardness levels, you should be able to place your softener in the by-pass mode which diverts the water coming in to your home so that it does not pass through the softener. If you already have a residential softener and you feel that it is no longer needed, it should be placed in the by-pass mode and the controls de-energized or completely removed from the plumbing system.

Some residents are sensitive to chlorine or do not like the taste of water. Daily tests are taken to ensure that the Village meets all of the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards. One way to address taste concerns is to fill a pitcher of water and leave it in the refrigerator overnight which allows the chlorine to evaporate.

The Village is required by the EPA to annually publish a Consumer Confidence Water Quality Report. The report summarizes the quality of the water that was provided in the past year, including details about where the water comes from, what it contains, how it compares to current standards and who to contact with questions. The most recent annual report is posted by July 1 of the following year. View the most recent report online. For questions or more information, please contact the Village’s Utility Superintendent Steve Schmitt.


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