Water Supply and Distribution System

Lake Zurich operates its own water supply and distribution system.  The Village receives its water from deep underground aquifers via six wells, of which five are in regular use while the other is maintained as an emergency back-up. The average daily pumping is 1.7M gallons a day and the wells are capable of pumping four times that amount.   Well water is treated with chlorine to ensure the safety of the water supply within the water system and fluoride is added to promote the development of strong teeth. Before well water enters the distribution system, ion-exchange systems remove naturally occurring radium and barium to below EPA standards. The process also serves to minimize water hardness. 

From the wells the water is distributed through a network of 113 miles of water main and two elevated water storage tanks (one is located at Paulus Park and has a capacity of .75MG and the other is on Midlothian Road east of the high school and has a capacity of 1.5MG)  that pump water to about 6,700 customers in Lake Zurich and a small section of the Village of Deer Park.

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