Mailboxes on Public Right-of-Ways

Refer to Village Code: 7-1-5-2 - Mailboxes on Public Rights of Way

Village Responsibilities
From time to time a plow driver may hit your mailbox, or just the mere weight of the snow (or heavy slush) may knock down your mailbox. If a mailbox located within the Village’s right of way is damaged by the Village, then the Village shall be required to, but only to:
  • Repair such mailbox, or
  • Replace such mailbox with a standard U.S. Postal Service box and support structure complying with the standards set forth in Section 7-1-5-2 of Municipal Code , or
  • Reimburse the owner for damages in amounts limited as follows: not more than $30.00 for replacement of a post; or not more than $20.00 for replacement of a mailbox; or not more than $50.00 for replacement of both a post and a mailbox.
Postal Service Guidelines
The Postal Service Guidelines for the installation of mailboxes are as follows:
  • The bottom of the mailbox should be 40 inches above the ground.
  • The front of the mailbox should be 8 inches in from the back of the curb.
  • Posts should be either a 4 x 4 inch wood post or a 2 inch, thin wall steep pipe. Not acceptable are mailboxes closer than 8 inches or protruding into the street. Railroad ties, mailboxes in brick piers, I-beams, etc. are not acceptable as posts.
Mailbox Replacement
If installed properly and the mailbox is damaged by the snow plow equipment during snow plow activities, the Village will replace it with a “standard” 4 x 4 wood post and support.

Mailbox replacement is the standard box, model 1C. If the post is damaged, it will be repaired “temporarily” and replaced after the ground thaws, in spring or summer. Not all mailbox damage is from the Village snowplow equipment. Old, rotted, rusted-through posts, or vandalized boxes are not the Village’s responsibility. If the mailbox does not conform to the above guidelines, the Village will not be held responsible.