Sidewalk Repair Program

Sidewalk Awareness

The Village learns about sidewalk conditions in three ways:
  • Through our Village residents’ notification
  • Employee’s observations while performing their duties
  • Systematic Village-wide inspection conducted over three-year period.
The General Services Division investigates all reports of sidewalk conditions and uses this information to develop the repair / replacement programs.

Systematic Inspections

Our systematic inspection ensures that all municipal sidewalks are inspected at least once every three years. 

The Village’s sidewalks are broken down into two categories:
  • Primary (high volume) pedestrian walkways consisting of sidewalks within half of a mile of schools, churches, and in the area of our primary business / merchant districts.
  • Secondary (all other walkways) will be divided up into three generally equal geographical areas. These will be inspected on an annual rotating basis so that each are inspected every three years. This group will include all bikeways on municipal easements or property owned by the municipality.
For further information on sidewalk repairs, please contact the Public Works/General Services Division at 847-540-1696, dial 1 then dial 2.