Refuse & Recycling Collection

Residential Single Waste Hauler

In 2014 the Village approved an updated five year contract with Waste Management for the collection and disposal of residential waste and recyclables. The contract covers all detached and attached single family dwellings and multifamily residences containing no more than four (4) dwelling units.

Each residence will have once a week refuse and recycling collection on the same day. The specific collection day will vary depending on the location in the Village. New residents should call Waste Management at 1-800-796-9696 to schedule service. Billing is handled quarterly directly by Waste Management.

Waste Management's website for Lake Zurich residents is available by clicking here:  Waste Management.

Two-Wheeled Refuse Carts 

Waste Management delivered new trash carts to residents.

Cart options and associated rates effective October 1, 2019 are listed below: 

  • Option #1 - $24.29/month – 96-gallon cart with no sticker fees for extra bags.
  • Option #2 - $22.13/month – 64-gallon cart (extra bags require a sticker at $2.72 each).
  • Option #3 - $21.58/month – 35 gallon cart (extra bags require a sticker at $2.72 each). Available only to townhome residents and seniors 65 years and over.

Once every 12 months, residents may request a different size cart and not be charged the $25 swap-out fee.  

Waste Management Cart Sizes

General Collection Guidelines

  • All trash and recyclables should be placed at the curb no sooner than 7:00 pm the day before the scheduled pick up day and no later than 7:00 am on the  actual pick up day.
  • Stickers for extra bags are available for $2.50 directly through Waste Management customer service at 800-796-9696 or in person at the Village Hall, 70 East Main Street. 
  • Carts should be placed with handle toward the house, along the curb.
  • Do not mix household refuse with recyclables in the recycling cart.  
  • Electronic items cannot be disposed of at landfills and therefore will not be collected by Waste Management.    
  • Holiday Collection: Service will be delayed one day for the rest of the week on the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. 


All residents receive a 65-gallon recycling cart for no additional fee. Each December, residents have the opportunity to upgrade to the larger 96-gallon size recycling cart at no charge. All recyclables go in the cart. Sorting is not required. 

Recycle Often - Recycle Right

For a list of items you may or may not recycle, please click here.

Unlimited Collection of Bulk Items
Residents may dispose of bulk items at no extra charge. A bulk item is a piece of furniture, fixtures, small amounts of construction materials and carpeting (cut into 4 ft. bundles) and the like. Please limit items to no more than 50 lbs.
SWALCO Explore Programs

Community Recycling Programs

Lake Zurich partners with the Solid Waste Agency of Lake County (SWALCO) to provide a variety of recycling programs, including:

*Clothing & textile recycling
*Shoe recycling
*Residential electronics recycling
*Pharmaceutical collection
*Food scrap drop-off site
*Chemical waste disposal options

For information on these programs, please visit the SWALCO / Lake Zurich web portal online.


For questions, contact Waste Management at 1-800-796-9696.  If you have a concern with the service provided by Waste Management, a driver or a customer service representative contact Betty Harrison, Environmental Quality Supervisor at 847-550-1776 or