Curbside Composting and Leaf Collection

In addition to refuse and recycling collection, LRS is providing curbside compost (yard and food waste) along with leaf collection to Village residents.

Compost Collection

Curbside composting (yard and food waste) is collected weekly beginning April 2, 2024 through December 11, 2024 on the same day that refuse and recycling are collected.

Now food and yard waste can be combined into the same container for composting on local fields in Lake County. 

Learn why composting matters

  • Combine food and yard waste in bio-degradable bags (brown paper), or cans (maximum 50 pounds) that are clearly marked as landscape waste (labeled as Yard Waste or a large X).  Compostable material in plastic bags will not be collected.
  • Stickers are not required.  
  • Up to 15 bags each week of compostable material is included for all Lake Zurich residents that use LRS. 
  • Place your composting containers at the curb no sooner than 7:00 pm the day before the scheduled pick-up day and no later than 7:00 am on the actual pick up day.
  • Branches should be tightly tied with biodegradable string or twine (no metal twine), in a bundle not exceeding four feet in length or 50 pounds in weight.  
  • Unbundled brush will not be collected.  
  • Note that sod, dirt, rock, concrete, railroad ties, whole trees, limbs greater than 2-inches in diameter and tree stumps are not part of the weekly yard waste program.

Use Your Own Compost Container or Rent One 

As an option for residents, LRS will provide a container for the collection of food and yard waste for $5 per month.  Alternatively, you can use any lidded plastic container (50 lbs. or less) that has handles, or bio-degradable brown paper bags. 

Yard Waste Collection
Leaf Collection

Leaf Collection

Leaf vacuuming will begin the week of October 14, 2024 and continues through December 4, 2024. Residents are asked to rake leaves to the curb by Monday morning for pickup by LRS.  Leaf collection is not guaranteed to occur on your collection day, but it will occur by the end of the week.  

Leaves must be raked to within five feet of the curb and should not be placed in the gutter or street.

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