Register As A Contractor

Construction contractors shall register with the Village of Lake Zurich.  Construction contractors and subcontractors include any person, company or other entity that undertakes construction to any building or structure or any appurtenance thereto…, including but not limited to driveways, pools, porches, decks,  garages, fences and other accessory structures or uses.    

Your application for contractor’s registration shall accompany the following:  
  1. Completed Contractor Registration form.
  2. Pay $110 Annual fee. (Fee does not apply to Illinois licensed plumbers.)
  3. The annual fee can be paid by check, payable to the Village of Lake Zurich or online at:
  4. Provide $10,000 Surety Bond to the Village of Lake Zurich (bond must be signed).
In addition:
  • Electrical contractors - must submit a copy of an electrical license
  • Roofing contractors - must provide copy of State roofing license.  Roofing contracts must include state roofing license on contract. 
  • Plumbing contractors - must submit a copy of their state registrations (055 & 058). Additionally, a letter of intent must be submitted with each permit application. 
  • Irrigation contractors - must submit a copy of their state registration, IDPH Irrigation Contractor Registration and provide a copy of the C.C.C.D.I.’s name and license. 

All contractors and sub-contractors shall be registered with the Village before performing any work.

For a list of registered contractors, please click here.