Zoning Application & Development Review


This zoning application guide is provided to help potential applicants through the development review process, instructions, and application form to petition for annexation and zoning approvals, and instructions for appearing before the Planning & Zoning Commission (PZC) hearings. 

The purpose is to make the process more transparent and efficient, and to complete the application and review process in a timely manner.

2023 Zoning Application and Guide

What Types of Development Proposals Require Village Review?

Under an ideal scenario, a development proposal in complete compliance with applicable Village codes such as the Zoning Ordinance, Land Development Code and Building Code, will require a building permit before construction. A Zoning Certificate is issued by the planning & zoning staff. A building permit is issued by the Building Official after the review and approval of construction plans. However, all development proposals will not fall into this ideal scenario. Administrative actions, such as an annexation, text and map amendments, special use permits or variations may be necessary for the developments to comply with Village codes and ordinances. These administrative actions require review by the Planning & Zoning Commission and approval by the Village Board before application and issuance of the building permit and will demand additional time to ensure a thorough review.

Since there can be a wide range of development proposals that require varying degrees of review by the Village, it is extremely important to contact the planning & zoning staff before starting any development activity in the Village. A short discussion with staff can help to determine what actions and reviews are necessary. This may assist in the prevention of unnecessary delays and expenses.

How Long Does it Take For Village Review of a Development/Zoning Proposal?

The amount of time required for Village review of a development proposal depends on the proposal. If all that is needed is a building permit, the review of plans and issuance of the permit may take only a few weeks. Administrative actions which require Village Board review and approval, such as an annexation, zoning Code amendment or variation, typically take 45-60 days or longer.

General Overview of the Development Review Process

Step 1: Pre-Application Meeting (Early Assistance)

Potential Applicants should first make contact with planning and zoning staff for an informal discussion regarding the scope of the project, concept plans, and application requirements. If the project requires approval of annexation, Zoning Code text and map amendments, and/or planned unit development, proceed to Step 2. For all other projects including those requiring only a public meeting for plat approvals, special uses, proceed to Step 3.

Step 2: Village Board Courtesy Review

The Board of Trustees meet the first and third Mondays of each month for a Courtesy Review of Applications related to annexation, Zoning Code text and map amendments, and planned unit developments. To request an appearance before the Village Board, submit a cover letter (see Page 6) and a concept plan at least ten days prior to the anticipated Village Board meeting.

Step 3: Planning & Zoning Commission Meeting

Members of the Planning & Zoning Commission meet once a month (scheduled on the third Wednesday) to review applications submitted directly or referred to by the Village Board. To request an appearance before the Planning & Zoning Commission, submit the appropriate applications and plans, and application, consultant, planning and engineering fees, at least thirty days prior to the meeting.

Step 4: Village Board Meeting

All recommendations from the Planning & Zoning Commission are forwarded to the Village Board of Trustees, which makes the final determination. Applicants may submit building permit applications anytime following Board approval.


This guide is intended to provide a general but clear overview of the zoning review process and to help applicants become familiar with the steps necessary during the review of a development proposal.

It is important to remember that this document is merely a guide and not a substitute for other Village codes and ordinances. For a complete and accurate account of required procedures, consult the specific Village code or ordinance, or contact the Community Development Department staff at 847-540-1698. We are here to assist you!