Value of Trees

No one disputes the aesthetic value of trees, but there are many financial aspects, which you may only realize if you are unfortunate enough to suffer a landscaping loss. Trees are valuable in many ways:
  • They are aesthetically beautiful.
  • They purify the air.
  • They save energy through providing cooling shade in summer, and also as a windbreak in winter.
  • They add financial value to your home.
  • They can act both as sound barriers and as privacy screens, as well as to screen out views you want to avoid seeing.
  • Scientific studies have shown that trees are a benefit to human’s mental well-being.
  • They provide habitat for wildlife.
Financial Value of Trees
The financial value of trees depends on various factors including:
  • The size of the tree
  • The type of tree
  • Condition and age of the tree
  • The location of the tree on your lot
These factors can be measured in dollars and cents by a certified arborist. Healthy, well-nourished trees can add 10-20% to the value of a property.

Take pictures of your trees and landscaping plants while they are healthy. If there is a loss later, this picture history will be invaluable.

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