Ancient Oaks Foundation

The Ancient Oaks Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit conservation area serving the Lake Zurich and surrounding area. We are dedicated to the preservation of areas oak woodlands and natural areas through education, volunteerism, supportive funding and long-term planning.

Ancient Oaks Foundation Goals:

  • Restore and preserve oak woodlands and natural areas by decreasing invasive species and reintroducing native vegetation.
  • Educate residents in the care of natural areas and their importance to the health of the community. We especially encourage outdoor play for children through our Leave No Child Inside areas.
  • Encourage community involvement through volunteerism and AOF membership.
  • Develop supportive funding for these activities from individuals, businesses and organizations.
  • Assist in developing sustainable, long term plans for the care of natural areas.

Our Tasks...

Habitat restoration tasks in the Lake Zurich Hawthorn Woods area.  Volunteers work year- round at various tasks such as removing invasives such as buckthorn and honeysuckle, collecting, cleaning and redistributing native grass and flower seed. Restoration areas in Lake Zurich include the Oak Ridge Marsh Nature Park, Kuechmann Park, “Echo Point” (351 Lions Drive), Heather Highlands Swale, Paulus Park Raingarden, Paulus Park South Oak Grove, Breezewald Park Prairie Patch, and Manor Park Pond.

We provide outdoor educational programs for kids and adults through the Parks and Rec. Department and the Ela Library on different aspects of our local world of nature. Programs on dragonflies, butterflies, coyotes, owls, how to control invasive species like buckthorn and honeysuckle and much more.  Lake Zurich is a US Fish and Wildlife Save The Monarch City. We supply the community with free milkweed and nectar flower seeds to attract pollinators, and donated replacement oak trees for area parks. 

We mentor individual Scouts and their troops with badge work.  Several Eagle Scout projects have been completed: bench making, bat box building, announcement sign construction, and creating butterfly garden.

During spring and summer our volunteers monitor 22 bird nesting boxes. Results are registered with Nestwatch of the Cornell University Orinthological Society.   

The Heritage Oak Program highlights notable oak trees on private property and   encourages residents to treasure these magnificent and ecologically important.

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