What can you tell me about Online Registration?

We offer a secure and simple way to register for our programs from the comfort of your own home. Who can register online? Residents and non-residents may register online. However, to receive resident rates, you must provide proof of residency. How do I activate my online account? Existing households within our system will be issued a temporary User Name and Password. Upon your first time to log-in you will be prompted to change your password. New households will need to complete the on-line enrollment form. Confirmation of your enrollment will be emailed to you within 1 business day. Upon your approval you may begin registering for programs. The first time you log on, you will be prompted to change your password if you would like to. Which programs are eligible for online registration? All programs that have a code number assigned. What else can I do online? You can browse all programs offered and view up-to-date enrollment numbers. If you are registered for a program that offers a multiple payment schedule, you may pay your outstanding balance online under your “Household Account”. You also have the ability to review all the programs for which you have registered, reprint receipts/invoices, print out activity calendars and childcare statements. Can I process a refund or class transfer online? Refunds and transfers cannot be processed online but you may call us at 847-438-5146 or stop by our office at the Barn in Paulus Park to request one. Can I be placed on the wait list online and do I have to pay for it? You can be placed on the wait list online and you will not be charged for the program at that time. We will contact you if we can enroll you and at that time you will be required to pay for the program. Why do I get a message that “an age conflict exists for this class”? When you are choosing which family member to register for the program, you need to make sure you are using the drop down list to choose the correct person. The system defaults to the first person listed in the household which is usually either mom or dad. If the family member has not been set-up with a birth date or if the birth date was inputted incorrectly that could also cause the age conflict. To correct that you will need to contact us at 847-438-5146 so we can make the change.

Online Registration

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1. What can you tell me about Online Registration?
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