I answer the phone but the “Hello” message repeats. It then hangs up,
Repeating or looping of messages happens when the system detects excessive noise in the background. This can be caused by loud radio/television volumes, people talking, or busy traffic noise. When you receive the next call, say “hello” once and turn down the volume of your radio/television or press the mute button on your telephone to allow full message delivery.

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1. How does the service work?
2. What types of messages will be sent using the service?
3. Does the Everbridge service replace other systems that have been used to provide time-sensitive information to residents?
4. Is my telephone number included in the notification database?
5. May I use a cell phone as my notification database listing?
6. What precautions are being taken to protect personal information?
7. Will the Everbridge service work if I have a call screening system on my phone?
8. If I have provided more than one phone number, when will they be called?
9. My primary phone or my second listing is a cell phone with a non-local area code. Will the Connect-CTY service call numbers outside the area?
10. How does the Everbridge system respond to busy signals or no-answer situations?
11. I was not able to listen to the entire call. Is there a way to repeat the message?
12. I answer the phone but the “Hello” message repeats. It then hangs up,
13. Who can I talk to about questions concerning the Everbridge service that do not relate to the sign-up portal?