Paulus Park Barn Update

Barn Fire Nov 2019

The Paulus Park Barn suffered a fire on Saturday, November 2nd at approximately 8:15pm.  The Fire and Police Departments have concluded their investigating noting the cause of the fire as unknown, however, it was determined that the fire began in a garbage can located outside the building in the covered handicap entrance.  The garbage can fire ignited the overhang of the entrance, expanded to the front of the Barn and then continued to the interior.  Most of the fire damage was restricted to the front of the building due to Police and Fire’s quick response.  Although the building is still standing, the fire and smoke damage is extensive and after careful evaluation from restoration experts, the building contents, equipment and supples are not salvageable. 

Park Barn Rebuild Under Way

The barn is presently undergoing major reconstruction. Heavily damaged during the fire, the interior of the barn building was completely gutted, stripping the interior down to the studs. 

Short lumber supplies have delayed reconstruction in late 2020, with replacement rafters arriving in December.  Contractors now have sufficient materials to actively work on the site with a planned completion date in April 2021.

Paulus Park Barn Construction 2021

Park & Recreation Program Updates

Office Hours: Staff is working from the mobile offices located at Paulus Park Monday- Friday 8:30am-4pm (Paulus Park Barn phone line, 847-438-5146.

Paulus Park Barn Facility Rentals & Marquee Community Sign

The facility rental and Paulus Park marquee programs have been suspended at this time due to limited space and damaged equipment.  Ela Township and Cedar Lake Assisted Living and Memory Care were able to accommodate individuals who were unable to host their event at the Paulus Park Barn.  Please feel free to reach out to our community partners if you are looking for meeting or rental space. 

We are thankful for the swift call to action and generosity of the Lake Zurich Community!

Our community initiated and participated in a childcare supply/equipment drive to help replace items lost in the fire and get our program back on its feet so that we could continue to serve the kids for the remainder of the school year.  To date, we had over 125 families donate items to our programs and over 50 community organizations reach out to donate, offer space and support.  Had we not received all the donations we did, we would have been hard pressed to restart the program.  

We have retained a list of the families and organizations that have offered supplies, equipment, space and support as well as photos of the Barn and some of the donations (community filled the conference room at Village Hall 3 times!). 

If you donated and still need a receipt for tax purposes, please please email Bonnie Caputo, Park & Recreation Director, at

All other youth and adult program update

All other programs that were scheduled to be held at the Paulus Park Barn have been able to be accommodated at the Chalet and the Buffalo Creek locations.  Notifications were sent to participants in regards to relocated programs for the Fall. Locations have been changed for the Winter Spring session and are listed correctly in the online registration portal (location reminders to be sent out to registered participants the week prior through the Spring as it differs from the brochure).