Transparency Portal for Open Government

The Village of Lake Zurich values clear, direct and honest communication. We also strive to practice responsible care for our resources and to provide exceptional public service. It is with these goals in mind that the Village created this one-stop site through which information about the Village's business can be navigated.

1.  Elected & Administrative Officials

The Village website contains contact information, including name, phone number, and an electronic contact method for elected officials, the Village Manager, and the head administrator for each Village department.

Office of the Mayor                    Village Board of Trustees       Village Clerk        

Village Manager                         Police Chief                            Fire Chief                           Finance Director   
Community Services Director     Innovation Director                Recreation Director           Human Resources Director
Public Works Director                 Community Development Director

2.  Meeting Information

The Village website includes notices and agendas, as available, for all future public meetings of the Village Board and other commissions and committees, along with board packets and minutes.  The Village calendar includes the tentative dates of all Village Board meetings.  Meeting dates may be changed and meetings may be cancelled, subject to the requirements of the Open Meetings Act.
 Agendas & Minutes     Village Board Packets     Meeting Calendar     Annual Schedule of Meetings 2021

3.  Village Benchmarks E-Newsletter

Benchmarks is the official Lake Zurich e-newsletter that replaced the traditional paper copy of Newsline in July 2013.  Previous editions of Benchmarks are archived and available below.
 Benchmarks Archives

5.  National Citizen Survey Results

During the summer of 2019, Lake Zurich partnered with the National Research Center to conduct its third National Citizen Survey, a scientific survey that allows for statistically valid results and benchmark comparisons against other communities across the United States.

The survey has a confidence interval of 95%, which means we can be 95% confident that the data represents the opinions of the entire population. The National Research Center's database of comparative opinions is comprised of resident perspectives gathered in surveys from over 500 communities where residents have evaluated the same kinds of topics.

During 2019, 549 residents participated in this scientific survey, providing a response rate of 33%.  The NCS has a margin of error of 4%.
Complete results of the 2019 National Citizen Survey are here: 2019 National Citizen Survey.

The next National Citizen Survey is planned for Summer 2021.

6.  Public Survey Comments

A Strategic Goal of Lake Zurich is to encourage collaborative solutions and participation through informed citizen participation in the policy process.  The Village continuously engages citizens on specific policy decisions to help shape the long-term direction of our community.  Below are the shared results and public comments received on various surveys: 
       Route 53/120 Extension - February 2015
       Storm Water Management - April 2015 
       National Citizen Survey - Summer 2015
       Paulus Park Concepts - June 2015
       Village Manager Recruitment - October 2015
       Cummings Property Development Proposal - December 2015
       K-Mart Redevelopment Concept - January 2016
       Termax Expansion - March 2016
       Secretary of State Proposal - April 2016
       At Your Door Recycling Program - November 2016   
Community Vision - May 2017
       Community Vision 2 - June 2017
       Life Time Fitness Proposal - August 2017
       Life Time Fitness Revised Proposal - March 2018       
       Shoot Point Blank Firearms Store - July 2018
       Downtown Microbrewery & Thornton's Gas Station - September 2018
       Chase Bank Outlot Creation - September 2018
       Tobacco 21 Initiative - November 2018
       Comprehensive Plan - December 2018
       Draft Comprehensive Plan Comments - February 2019
       Farmer's Market 2019 Season Feedback - September 2019
       Recreational Cannabis Establishments - September 2019
       Dogs in the Park - September 2019
       Breezewald Playground Selection - December 2019
       Alpine Fest Feedback - March 2020
       Recreational Cannabis Establishments - September 2020
       Early Childhood Parks and Rec Programs - March 2021  

7.  General Statistics & Information

Here is some general information on the Village, which is intended to provide historical context on the growth of the community over the years, as well as recent progress and accomplishments that are featured in the 2014 annual report and the Village's five year strategic plan.
2014-2019 Strategic Plan
2021 Progress Update                
Population Growth (from US Census)
     2019- 20,054 (est. from American Community Survey) 
     2010 - 19,631
     2000 - 18,104
     1990 - 14,947
     1980 - 8,225
     1970 - 4,082
     1960 - 3,458
     1950 - 850
     1940 - 421
     1930 - 368

Village Infrastructure
       Streets - 79 miles (158 street miles)
       Sidewalk - 21 miles 
       Water Main - 113 miles
       Sewer Main - 93 miles
       Storm Drain - 80 miles
       Parkland - 232 acres

Fiscal Information
                                            1980                      1990                        2000                           2010                        2019
        Total Assessed            $78,435,017         $279,124,562           $478,645,862           $898,034,255       $873,070,391

     General Governmental   $1,990,737           $7,067,569              $16,131,302              $27,450,313         $35,663,818

     Property Tax Levy           $1,011,027          $2,855,444                $5,628,875               $7,214,819           $9,524,126
Village Employees (Full-Time Equivalents)

   2011                    2013                            2015                        2020

   170                      160                              160                          156
*Here is the breakdown of the 156 FTE's at the Village in 2020:

            11 in Finance, Technology, and Admin (Village Hall)
             3 in Parks & Rec
             4 in Community Development 
             31 in Public Works
             52 in Police
             55 in Fire

8.  Public Records, Bid Results, Ordinances & Resolutions

The Village website includes full disclosure on bid results since 2015, as well as Ordinance and Resolutions since 2013. 
If you are seeking information that you cannot locate on this Transparency Portal, you may submit a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

The website includes the name, address, phone number, and an electronic contact method for FOIA officers, along with the address, phone number, and electronic submission method for FOIA requests.  The website also includes the FOIA process response time and any fees charged by the Village in connection with FOIA requests and responses.
Freedom of Information Act Requests                                    Recent Bid Results

Ordinances                                                                              Resolutions

9. Budgets

The Village website includes the detailed budget for the current year, along with the detailed budgets for several prior years.
Budget Information

10.  Financial Audits

The Village website includes the Village's comprehensive annual financial reports (CAFR's) for the past several years. It also includes the current 5-Year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP).
Comprehensive Annual Financial Report and Capital Improvement Plan

11.  Expenditures

The Village website includes the Village's semi-monthly warrant register and contains expenditures to every individual and third-party vendor - including name of payee, description of expenditure, and amount of expenditure - for the past five years.  It also includes the annual treasurer's report and a summary of vendor payments in excess of $2,500 and several other financial statements.
Warrant Reports
Annual Treasurer's Reports

12.  Village Departments Monthly Information Reports

 All Village operating and support departments release a monthly information report that highlights accomplishments, challenges, and outcomes.  These public documents are included in Village Board meeting packets.  They are used to highlight data metrics to identify operational trends and facilitate informed decision making.

Department Monthly Information Reports

13.  Employee Compensation and Benefits

The Village values and understands the importance of attracting and retaining a professional workforce in order to meet the service demands of residents and businesses.  To remain competitive, the Village maintains an Employee Compensation Plan for each position, with the exception of unionized personnel, whose compensation is governed by collective bargaining agreements.  An itemized compensation report and annual leave allotment for all employees is available below and is updated at the end of each calendar year, in accordance with Public Act 97-0609.  Health insurance plans are also disclosed below.

Compensation and Insurance Plans 
Village Manager Employment Contract (2018)

14.  Contracts

The Village website includes third-party vendor contracts over $20,000, collective bargaining agreements with unions representing Village employees, and directions with where and how to submit a project bid or proposal.  Proprietary proposals will not be placed on the website.
 Union Contracts
Vendor Contracts
Bids and Proposals 

15.  Lobbying

The Village Board and Village Manager's Office closely monitor legislation at the local, state and federal levels to stay abreast of issues that may affect the community.  The Village President is the official spokesperson of the Village in all political and legislative affairs. While the Village has no direct lobbying contracts, the Village is a dues-paying member of several associations that may conduct legislative advocacy initiatives at the state and federal levels. 
Active memberships to these organizations are listed for the sake of transparency and available right here.

16.  Taxes and Fees

The Village website includes tax rates for all major Village revenue sources (property, sales, etc.), a listing of smaller revenue sources, and a fee schedule for residents and business.
Property Tax
Property taxes are the largest source of revenue for the Village and are utilized to fund general municipal operations and pension obligations. More information on Lake Zurich Property Taxes

Sales Tax
Sales taxes represent a significant source of revenue for the Village and are utilized to fund general Village operations and capital infrastructure investment.  More information on Lake Zurich Sales Tax.

Utility Tax
A tax is imposed upon the use or consumption of natural gas and electricity within the Village.
More information on the Lake Zurich Utility tax (natural gas and electric)
Telecommunications Tax
The State of Illinois has collected a 6% telecommunications tax on behalf of municipalities since 2003.  
More information on the Lake Zurich Telecommunications Tax

Hotel / Motel Tax
The hotel/motel tax is a 5% tax that is levied upon all persons engaged in business of renting, leasing, or letting rooms in a hotel in Lake Zurich.  Hotels/motels are required to remit a tax return form to the Village on a monthly basis.  The total revenue received from this source is projected to be approximately $28,000 in fiscal year 2021..

Water & Sewer Rates
Water and sewer rates are used to fund investment in growing capital expenses related to aging infrastructure.  Utility bills are mailed directly to residents and businesses every month.  Current rates for combined water and sewer service for customers within the Village are available by clicking below.
Water & Sewer Rates

Income Tax
The Village's share of the State of Illinois personal income tax is 6% and corporate income tax is 6.86%.  The total revenue received from income tax is projected to be approximately $1.8 million in fiscal year 2021.  While the State of Illinois has raised the overall rate for this tax, it has also reduced the amount shared with municipalities.  
Building & Zoning Division Permits
The Village receives revenue from the issuance of licenses and permits for structural improvement work and new construction.  Permit fees are based on the size and type of the proposed project.  A comprehensive list of permit fees is included in the municipal code at Title 8, Chapter 2.
Water & Sewer Connection Fees
Connecting to the Village's public water and sewer system reduces the capacity of the underground infrastructure.  Therefore, fees are assessed based on the size of the water line and the type of project.  A comprehensive list of connection fees is included in the municipal code at Title 7, Chapter 5.
Liquor License Fees
Every applicant for a license or license renewal for the sale of alcoholic liquor in the Village must pay to the Village, at the time the application for a license is submitted, the following fees. 
Liquor license fee structure

        Red Light Camera Citations:  The Village of Lake Zurich has three red light cameras located at the following  intersections:
            US Route 12 (Rand Road) and US Route 22
            US Route 12 (Rand Road) and Miller Road
            US Route 12 (Rand Road) and June Terrace 

       The fine for a red light camera citation is set by State of Illinois statutes at $100. Additional information about our Red Light Camera program is available here.
Charges for Services

      Ambulance Fees:  Fees for Lake Zurich ambulance transportation and paramedical services shall be charged to, and paid by, the person receiving such services as follows:
     Persons residing within Lake Zurich or the Lake Zurich rural fire protection - $750
     Persons residing outside the Village of Lake Zurich and the Lake Zurich rural fire protection district - $900
     Both residents and non-residents, additional fee:  $12 per mile
    Park Program Fees:  The Village's Parks & Recreation Department offers a wide variety of programs, such as summer camps, preschools, dance classes, martial arts, and a wide variety of sports activities.  For program fees, please see the Parks & Recreation Department seasonal program brochure.