Trustee Jim Beaudoin

Jim Beaudoin

Name / Address

Trustee Jim Beaudoin
570 Dunhill Drive
Lake Zurich, Il 60047

Family & Resident information

  • Resident since 2000
  • Two sons and one daughter


  • Graduate of Southern Illinois University, with honors while earning a degree in Administration and a minor in Political Science
  • Played for the Saluki Football team where he earned Gateway Academic All-Conference honors


  • Business Executive for a large national service provider that performs architectural restoration services for commercial, retail, and institutional properties.

Community involvement

  • Volunteer coach for the Lake Zurich Flames Football program
  • Lake Zurich Baseball / Softball Association
  • Several activities through the YMCA
  • Jim is fully invested in teaching kids to play by the rules, to show good sportsmanship and teach them the value of being part of a team

Current Village Committees

  • Elected as Village Trustee, 2013; elected 2017.  Current term ends April 2021.

Village Issues Most Concerned with

  • Downtown Development: A large request from the residents of Lake Zurich is to have new places to eat and socialize at. The residents are tired of having to travel to Wauconda, Barrington, and Palatine for an evening out. I can bring to the table over 20 years of business experience. I would like to use my established connections to open discussions between Lake Zurich and potential new establishments.
  • Customer Service Improvements: There are a lot of what I like to call "opportunities" to enhance the lives of the residences of the Village and potential business partners. If elected I would look forward to meeting with the department heads and discussing ways to improve the services offered to the residents and businesses. As the owner of multiple businesses I understand how to evaluate, motivate and improve processes and procedures to attain the desired results. My hope is that a fresh look at the situation may provide positive results for all of Lake Zurich.
  • Increase Tax Base: In order for the Village to sustain a long term growth plan, we cannot simply rely on the tax payers to continue to pay more and do with less. I want to work with business leaders, developers, and bankers to create a sustainable and long term income base. I believe that the Village can pay for the needed infrastructure improvements through development of unused land and empty space. Not only would this benefit the residents through greater services, but it also would help to reduce the tax burden at the same time and while restoring / improving the beauty of the Village.

Contact info

Email Trustee Beaudoin or call him at (312) 995-0099.