2017 Infrastructure Projects

Infrastructure Projects

Highlights from 2017 Lake Zurich Infrastructure Projects

Below is a quick overview of the big ticket infrastructure projects totaling over $4 Million that the Village is taking on for fiscal year 2017. The main projects include utility improvements for Block A and Block C in the downtown area, the Village's annual road resurfacing program, and a lift station replacement at the Buffalo Creek Facility. These programs are largely made possible through the Non-Home Rule Sales Tax, which is not only paid by Lake Zurich residents but by all of the shoppers who visit Lake Zurich.

- Block A Road Improvements and Dry Utilities
- Block A Water System Improvements
- Block A Sanitary System Improvements
- Block C Dry Utility Improvements
- Main Street Improvements at Tracks
- Road Resurfacing Project
- Asphalt Patch Contract
- Concrete Contract
- Water Main Replacement
- Meter Reading Equipment Replacement
- Water Meter Replacement
- Buffalo Creek Lift Station Replacement