Hackney's Property


Hackney’s Redevelopment
880 North Old Rand Road

Summary:  During the Village Board meeting on January 3, 2017, the Village Board provided an initial courtesy review of a proposed redevelopment concept of the 10+ acre Hackney's restaurant property. Developer Bluestone Single Tenant Properties proposed a gas station / truck fueling facility with a convenience store and car wash, as well as 58 townhouse units within 12 buildings.

This redevelopment concept raised several areas of concern by Mayor Poynton, Village Board Trustees, and many of the residents in attendance. Concerns focused on increased noise, truck traffic from the gas station, wear and tear on local streets, tree removal, and other environmental impacts from light pollution and storm water runoff.

Developer Bluestone Single Tenant Properties is reconsidering their proposal based on the feedback from the Village Board and the residents. They may come forward with a revised development proposal in the future, which would be subject to a courtesy review from the Village Board, a public hearing before the Planning and Zoning commission, and a public hearing before the Village Board.

To view the video of the January 3 Village Board courtesy review and developer presentation, please click here.

There was a previous development concept from UrbanStreet Group to purchase and redevelopment the Hackney’s property at the northeast corner of Route 12 and North Old Rand Road into a mixed use site of residential rental and commercial community. The proposal included residential building heights between two and four stories with a density of 231 units on 8.36 acres of land as well as 10,000 square feet of commercial development. The Village Board provided a courtesy review for UrbanStreet Group in September 2015.

Developer:  BlueStone Single Tenant Properties
View Site Plans:  BlueStone Single Tenant Properties

Status: The Village has requested that BlueStone Single Tenant Properties indicate whether they wish to continue with the application process for the Hackney's redevelopment or withdraw. The Masterson family, owners of the Hackney's site, has listed the property for sale. The Hackney's restaurant property remains on the market for future redevelopment.  The Village anticipates that as the property is marketed for sale, there will be additional redevelopment proposals.