1. Village Administration

    Look through information regarding the village administration staff.

  2. Community Development

    Research the Building and Zoning Department.

  3. Community Services

  4. Finance

    Explore the Village's Finance Department.

  5. Fire Rescue

    Learn about the Fire Department.

  6. Forestry

  7. Park & Recreation

    Find information regarding the Parks and Recreation Department.

  8. Police

    Gain information on the Police Department.

  9. Innovation and Technology

  10. Public Works

    Discover the divisions and responsibilities of the Public Works Department.

  11. Public Works - Utility Services

    Explore the responsibilities of the Utilities Division.

  12. Public Access TV

    View the news and information page for Comcast Cable Channel 5 and AT&T UVerse

  13. Community Events Calendar

    Look for upcoming organization and department events.

  14. Building Permits & Inspections

    View building permits required before you start building.

  15. Department Services & Locations

    Read about department services and locations.

  16. Register for Park Programs

    Discover all the programs you can register to attend.

  17. Lake Zurich Water Management

    Find out about the decision-making process in Lake Zurich regarding its water management.

  18. Park & Recreation Program Brochure

    Access the program brochures put together by parks and recreation.

  19. Staff Directory

    View the Village's staff directory.

  20. Mosquito Abatement

  21. Electronic Recycling

    Check out how to properly dispose of unused electronics.