Water & Sewer Rate Information

Rates for combined water and sewer service for customers within the Village are provided below: 

Combined Rates
Per 1,000 gallons
Effective 1/1/2018 
   Village Control

Operations and Maintenance 6.85  7.00 
Debt Service 2.10  2.10 
Capital Improvements 3.55  4.90 

12.50  14.00 
    Lake County Treatment

4.00  4.00 
Combined Total per 1,000 gallons 16.50  18.00 
Minimum Bill based on 2,000 gallons 33.00  36.00 

Utility bills are issued once a month after readings from 6,200 residential, 400 commercial and 100 industrial meters are collected.

How do meter reads and billing cycles correlate?

Water meter reading take place during the first two weeks of the month using a route system. Consumption of homes on a specific route are generally recorded at the same time each month. Readings are transferred to the billing system and verified during the third week of the month.  Statements are calculated on our about the 25th and mailed out a few days later.  Payments are due by the 15th of the next month.

As a practical example, a March statement will show charges for water consumption from January 10 through February 10.  

Due to the 45-day delay between reading periods and preparing statements, it can be challenging to associate water from one month to the billing statement.  The new fixed base radio read system will short the time frame and allow of online monitoring of consumption.

Senior Citizen / Disabled Discount

Seniors ( 65 years+ ) and disabled individuals can qualify for a discount of $14.24 off their monthly bill. Additional rates apply for irrigation or sewer only service, as well as for customers outside of the village.  Questions regarding water and sewer billing can be directed to the Finance Department at 847-438-5141.

Residential Summer Rates

During the period of May 15 to September 15, sewer service charges for residential customers who do not separately meter the outside us of water shall not exceed 110% of the average usage for the preceding eight month period.

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Water Rates 2018-2019

The complete chart of water rates is available here.